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I-DEAL Solutions has reached high levels expertise in the foreign markets business strategy advisory. Our team is formed exclusively by experts with a solid acumen to deliver our clients with the best results, convert decisions to actions, and achieve goals they desire. We work to convert consultancy into real support for entrepreneurs.


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We committed to fostering economic growth and increased competitiveness of Italian business.

Gruppo Cassa depositi e presititi society - SACE - offers a wide range of insurance and financial products: export credit, credit insurance, investment protection, financial guarantees, sureties and factoring including also SIMEST products, which range from participation in the capital of companies to subsidized loans and export credit. SACE and SIMEST leaded by the parent company offer an integrated access point to support exports and internationalization. SACE operates in 198 countries, ensuring more stable cash flows and transforming the insolvency risks of 25,000 client companies into development opportunities. SACE has A- (Fitch) rating.

We are looking for new direct foreign supply channels for our customers, studying the best commercial and fiscal strategy for obtaining improved conditions in terms of price and quality standards of the product sought.